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What is possible with your health?

Stories inspire, guide and teach us. From before we are born, we are surrounded and imbued with the stories of our families, our cultures, our world. Consciously and more often unconsciously, we base our thoughts, actions, beliefs and behaviors on the stories that inform our lives.

In Wisdom Healing Qigong, we are individually and collectively revising and expanding the story of healing on this planet: what has previously been deemed impossible (old story) is now becoming possible (new story). By learning to access and utilize chi (subtle energy) through movement, sound, and visualization techniques, we are learning to rewrite our life scripts, altering diagnoses and prognoses and empowering ourselves with deep healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

With every success, we are adding information (data) to the energetic blueprint of healing and fortifying the healing "chi field" (similar to Rupert Sheldrake's "morphogenetic field"). As more and more people add and have access to this healing information, our individual and collective stories are shifting and it becomes easier to enact the healing changes we all desire.

The energetic field is growing. In China, millions of Qigong practitioners have benefited from this system. This includes over 200,000 who were treated at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training and Recovery Center, the largest medicine-less hospital in China, over its two-decade tenure in the 1980s and 90s and where a 95% improvement rate has been documented.

And the healing continues far beyond the East. Over the last five years, we have seen hundreds of the healing stories of those who have created the same healing "miracles" for themselves in the West from our US-based healing intensive retreats and continued supported home practice. It is truly amazing to witness the metamorphoses of those who are transforming their challenges, physical and otherwise, and in the process, growing in joy and re-visioning and reshaping their lives.

We'd like to invite you to both benefit from and contribute to our growing volume of healing stories.
There are (at least!) three ways to gain inspiration through these stories (and teachings):

==> One is by reading and/or listening to them. Just by hearing these stories, you can inspire and initiate a healing response within yourself.

==> You can create your own healing story by taking the next step in your healing journey and attending one of our healing intensive retreats.  Read more

==> You can share your own healing story with others. We all gain immeasurably by the sharing of our successes and joys. How have you benefited from this practice? Help us grow the field of health and well-being for all and share your story here!

Sending you loving and healing chi,
Mingtong and The Chi Team



In these difficult times, each of us takes up our path and our practices with the intention for healing and well being. But beyond your intentions, you want the practices to work. You want results. You want proof that these programs and practices deliver!

Take a look for yourself. The findings of our pilot studies are in, and there is no room for doubt. Just take the time to look at these three findings from our last Healing Retreat:

  1. It’s documented! 94% improved in well-being, and 89% reported “significant improvement”, which included depression and anxiety. (Pilot Study below)
  2. Read the narratives that were part of the pilot studies. These are the results expressed in the participants’ own words. (Pilot Narratives below)
  3. Watch a testimonial video from a couple of participants. They came to the retreat for results, and they got it. (Testimonial links below)

When it’s time to deepen your practice, go beyond speculation, and take a step that will work. Read the results, and consider making the strongest commitment to your health and well-being.



My Healing Story by Wisdom Healing Qigong Practitioners      

Qigong for Chronic Conditions
How to heal five organs & improve five aspects of life
Release Stress & Depression Transform Emotions Spiritual Growth
Qigong for Youth, Aging & Death
Qigong for Healthcare Professionals
Lyme & Immune Parkinsons & Neurological Cancers & Immune Chronic Pains & Fatigue Scoliosis & Skeleton



How to Improve Lyme Disease and Other Immune / Neurological Conditions Through Qigong:

3 Keys to Healing:

  1. Practice self-love and acceptance using Qigong movement and sound healing methods to receive new energy flow throughout the body.
  2. Strengthen and connect the kidney energy system with the liver and digestive energy through Qigong techniques.
  3. Enhance whole body energy flow through movement and other practices in order to return to a deep sense of aliveness and wholeness, in spite of symptoms.

3 Steps to Start Your Qigong Healing Journey:

  1. Learn the basic Qigong practices by attending workshops in person or via internet live stream video, take an online course or come to an intensive retreat.
    >>Read about upcoming trainings
  2. Practice consistently - do Qigong daily with the goal of gradually increasing your practice from 30m to 2 hrs; Prioritize your practice - movement, sound healing then visualization.
    >> download a Qong sheet to help your dedication to your healing practice
  3. Deepen your practice by focusing on, opening to, connecting with and appreciating the flow of energy throughout your body. Doing this helps you to consciously chose healing, even when you feel pain and fatigue.
Selected article: Miracle of Qigong: Coming Home to Healing, by Vivienne Verdon-Roe, Ph.D.

For twenty years, I struggled with chronic Lyme Disease. The last couple of years were particularly challenging – itchy rash all over, pain in the joints, severe fatigue, and really bad bouts with bronchitis that lasted months. Read More